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Layover Tours

5 Best Airport Layover Tours In Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, serving as a transit hub for many travel routes. As such, many passengers, be they travelling for work or for pleasure, find themselves [...]
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Christmas In Hong Kong

The 8 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas & New Years in Hong Kong

Whether travelling with family for Christmas or on a business trip away from home in the middle of the New Year celebrations, Hong Kong offers some truly unforgettable experiences during the holiday season.
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Dongguan To Hong Kong

5 Best Ways To Get From Dongguan To Hong Kong

Many travelers who do business in China will find themselves in Dongguan at some point. Although not as famous or large as its neighbors to the north and south of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the city still [...]
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Top 8 Hotels For Business Travelers In Hong Kong

Whether it’s to attend a trade exhibition or to meet with suppliers, millions of travelers visit Hong Kong for business every year. The city has no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a place to [...]
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Airport Transfer

5 Options For Your Hong Kong Airport Transfer

Whether it is to attend a trade show or to spend a city weekend break, millions of passengers arrive into Hong Kong International Airport each year requiring to transfer to different parts of the city. Deciding which type [...]
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Why Hong Kong Taxis Are Frustrating?

While New York has its yellow taxis and London has its black cabs, Hong Kong taxi drivers are well known for their red Crown Comforts. The fleet of almost 20,000 cars can be seen almost everywhere in the city, but [...]
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Cruise Ports

3 Easiest Ways To Get To Hong Kong Cruise Ports

Hong Kong is a major transportation hub for cruise ships in South East Asia, and whether it’s for a family holiday or romantic getaway, most cruise passengers will pass through the city at some point on [...]
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Airport Guide

A Definitive Guide To Hong Kong Airport

Whether you are flying to Hong Kong for the first time or just have a layover for several hours, below is a comprehensive guide to Hong Kong International Airport with tips that even frequent visitors may find useful.

Hong Kong Airport is the eighth [...]
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