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Dongguan To Hong Kong

Anna Zheng | Jan 10, 2018

5 Best Ways To Get From Dongguan To Hong Kong

Many travelers who do business in China will find themselves in Dongguan at some point. Although not as famous or large as its neighbors to the north and south of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the city still is one of the world’s manufacturing hubs, especially in the industries of shoes and furniture.


Below is a guide to the 5 best ways to get from Dongguan to Hong Kong. Travelers can gather an understanding of how long it takes to get to the airport and also to HK Central, a transportation hub where many of the city's top restaurants, bars, and hotels are located.


1. Dongguan To Hong Kong By Train

Dongguan airport transfer to Hong Kong

  • Cost: RMB100
  • Journey Time To HK Central: 3 Hours
  • Journey Time To Hong Kong Airport: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Comfort & Convenience: 5/10


Dongguan boasts three train stations from which passengers can travel to Shenzhen Railway Station and from there cross the border by foot at Luohu. The stations can be found in Shilong town, Changping town, and Zhangmutou town.



  • The train from Dongguan to Shenzhen runs frequently with trains normally running around every 15 minutes from 07:31 to 23:26. Travelers can turn up at any time and expect to get a ticket for a train leaving in the next thirty minutes or so.


  • Although the train service is popular, the sheer number of trains means that travelers can arrive confident in the knowledge that there will be tickets available for the train. During holidays, however, there is a significantly higher chance of the trains being sold out.



  • The most obvious disadvantage of this method to go from Dongguan to Hong Kong is that the train cannot travel inside of Hong Kong, with the train stopping in Luohu at Shenzhen Railway Station. From there, passengers are required to walk to the Luohu border and pass through immigration control. After making it through the border, travelers will then be required to purchase a ticket at Lo Wu MTR station to complete the rest of the journey in Hong Kong.


  • Not only is crossing the border by foot inconvenient, it can also be perilous for travelers. The border at Luohu is a well-known tourist area, where a large concentration of scam artists is based. There are tips to avoid tourist scams, but the most effective way to avoid these scam artists is to avoid the area altogether.


  • Although there are three stations in Dongguan, there are still some areas of the city from which it is not convenient or practical to travel to the stations. All three stations are based outside of the city center districts of Dongcheng and Nancheng. By car, it takes 25 minutes to reach the station in Shilong, 45 minutes to the station in Changping, and nearly 1 hour to the station in Zhangmutou.Travelers can spend as much, if not more, time reaching the train station in Dongguan than they do travelling to Shenzhen to cross the border to Hong Kong.


  • Not only is travelling to and from these train station from the city center time consuming, but it can also be somewhat dangerous. All three stations are factory towns that are outside of the city center and there the taxi drivers can be extremely difficult to deal with. It’s common for the drivers to refuse to use to use their meter, to insist on an extortionate rate, and in some cases, use a rigged meter. Fake taxis are also known to operate in the area.


2. Dongguan To Hong Kong By MTR Intercity Through Train


  • Cost: RMB175
  • Journey Time To HK Central: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Journey Time To Hong Kong Airport: 3 Hours
  • Comfort & Convenience: 7/10


Leaving from Dongguan East Station in Changping, the MTR Intercity Through Train is a high-speed service that runs all the way through to Hung Hom Station. Travelers can bypass the border at Shenzhen completely and pass through immigration control upon arrival at the train station in Hong Kong.



  • The MTR Intercity Through Train’s most obvious advantage is that the train goes directly from Dongguan East Station to Hung Hom Station. As a result, passengers avoid immigration control at the border in Shenzhen by using immigration control at Hung Hom Station, which is for the exclusive use of passengers of the MTR Intercity Through Train.


  • In most scenarios, the train is the quickest way to travel from Dongguan to Hong Kong by public transport. The train runs faster than the regular service and has fewer stops. The MTR Intercity Through Train comes recommended for travelers who find themselves short on time.



  • While the train journey itself can be convenient for many business travelers, the frequency and times of the trains are far from convenient. There are only 12 trains per day that travel from Dongguan to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the earliest train leaves at 09:03 and does not get into Hung Hom until 10:17. The last train goes from Dongguan at 21:14 and there is a gap of more than three hours between trains in the middle of the day from 11:21 to 14:48.


  • The MTR Intercity Through Train is a popular service, but with so few trains running each day, the tickets quickly sell out. Travelers planning to purchase their ticket on arrival may wish to consider another option to avoid being stuck at the train station without a way to get to Hong Kong.


  • Although the MTR Intercity Through Train has the advantage of travelling directly into Hong Kong, Hung Hom is rarely a traveler’s final destination. For those who are continuing on, Hung Hom is not especially convenient to access the rest of the city. Passengers traveling to Hong Kong Island will need to use two or three lines, including a walk between East Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsim Sha Tsui stations, while those heading to the airport will need to use two lines.


  • The MTR Intercity Through Train only stops off at one of the three train stations in Dongguan, which is Dongguan East Station in Changping town. From the city center districts of Dongcheng and Nancheng, it takes around 45 minutes to reach by car. Finding a taxi to take you from the city center to the station can be difficult as drivers are not eager to travel so far away. 


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3. Dongguan To Hong Kong By Ferry

Dongguan airport transfer to Hong Kong

  • Cost:RMB300
  • Journey Time To HK Central: N/A
  • Journey Time To Hong Kong Airport: 3 Hours
  • Comfort & Convenience: 7/10


For business travelers in search of an alternative way to travel from Dongguan to Hong Kong Airport, the ferry offers a novel route. The service runs from Humen town and goes directly to the Skypier at Hong Kong International Airport.



  • For many travelers, immigration control is the most stressful part of any trip from Mainland China to Hong Kong. Those who travel by ferry, however, will be able to make use of the exclusive immigration lanes that only passengers of the ship can use. Travelers can rest assured that they will not have to deal with massive queues that can disrupt schedules.


  • A somewhat underrated advantage of travelling by ferry from Humen to Hong Kong Airport is the ability to check-in luggage for your flight when you are boarding the ship. This enables travelers to have one less issue to worry about at the airport and gives them more time to enjoy the amenities.



  • Although the ferry from Humen is indeed an interesting option, it is only available for those who are going to the airport. Not only that, you can only travel by ferry if you are taking a flight. You cannot board a ferry from Humen to Hong Kong Airport if you are not a flight passenger.


  • It is also true that Humen town is not an especially convenient part of Dongguan. Located in the south-west of the city, it is a 45-minute drive from the downtown districts of Dongcheng and Nancheng and a 60-75 minute drive from some of the factory towns. While the opening of the subway has connected Humen more with the rest of the city, the subway station is not close to the ferry terminal and requires a further taxi to reach.


  • The number of ferries that run daily is severely limited. Each day there are only 5 ferries from Humen to Hong Kong Airport, with the first at 08:15 and the last at 16:00. The ferry company also requires passengers to board ferries that depart at least 3 hours before the flight time in Hong Kong so to avoid missing the plane.


4. Dongguan To Hong Kong By Taxi

Dongguan airport transfer to Hong Kong

  • Cost: RMB700
  • Journey Time To HK Central: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Journey Time To Hong Kong Airport: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Comfort & Convenience: 6/10


There is the option to avoid public transport altogether by taking a taxi from Dongguan to Shenzhen, where they can cross the Mainland China port of entry of Huanggang and find another taxi to take them to where they need to be in Hong Kong.



  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of taking a taxi is that you can leave when and from wherever you wish. This is especially useful in Dongguan, where the majority of the city consists of factory towns spread far apart and the public transport system is still developing. Many business travelers will find it saves a significant amount of time to be driven directly to the border rather than heading to a public transport hub to carry on to Hong Kong.


  • Also, a taxi allows for a degree of privacy that cannot be achieved by traveling by train or ferry. The luxury of privacy enables business visitors to make some calls, catch up on emails, or to even just rest.



  • What the issue will be for many business travelers is that Mainland taxis are only able to take business travelers as far as the border as they are not permitted to drive into Hong Kong. Once arrived at the Mainland China port of entry of Huanggang in Shenzhen, travelers must cross by foot and find another taxi once in Hong Kong. For those unfamiliar with China, going through immigration can be a stressful experience.


  • Reaching the Huanggang port of entry can be considered an achievement in itself, as there are a number of Chinese taxi scams to watch out for. When taking longer fares such as Dongguan to Shenzhen, some taxi drivers will attempt to refuse to use the meter, intentionally go the long way, or use a rigged meter.


  • If you are travelling during a national holiday or even just rush hour, it can be difficult to even get a taxi. For those on a tight schedule, it is not advised to rely on hailing a taxi on the street.


  • Quite possibly the biggest disadvantage of using a taxi to travel from Dongguan to Hong Kong is that almost no taxi drivers in Mainland China speak English. Visitors who do risk taking a taxi will find it almost to communicate with the drivers if any of the above issues arise.



5. Dongguan To Hong Kong By Private Car

Dongguan airport transfer to Hong Kong


Travel in complete comfort and convenience as a private car picks you up from wherever you wish in Dongguan and takes you over the border directly to your destination in Hong Kong.



  • A private car service separates itself from a regular taxi service by the fact that private cars with both Mainland China and Hong Kong license plates can travel over the border. Travelers need no longer deal with the stress of finding another car once inside Hong Kong.

  • Business travelers who choose a private car can enjoy the convenience of being picked up exactly where they want to in Dongguan and be taken directly to the doorstep of their destination in Hong Kong.

  • A number of car services operating in the area boast a wide fleet of car types to select from. Whether it’s a Toyota Camry, a Mercedes S-Class, or a minivan for a group, you can arrange your vehicle in advance and forget about all the stress of crossing the border.

  • Possibly the most stressful experience for a newcomer visiting China is dealing with the queues and processes at immigration control. With a private car, your driver will be there to assist you or explain the process.

  • Crossing the border to Hong Kong, be it as a newcomer or even a seasoned traveler, can be a stressful experience. Those looking to travel by private car should take note of changes to China Customs regulations. As of December 2017, passengers with luggage are required to exit the vehicle, pass through Chinese Immigration, and then re-enter the vehicle. The whole process only takes ten minutes on average 10 minutes, however, and Hong Kong Immigration still allows passengers to remain inside the vehicle.


  • Booking a car in advance removes the risk of being the victim of the typical taxi scams that can befall tourists in China. Additionally, travelers can relax knowing that their driver can speak English in case that any changes are made to the travel plan or any issues arise.



  • Admittedly, a private car is more expensive than public transport, but for many visitors, the advantages far outweigh the money being spent. It is certainly the fastest and least stressful way to get from Dongguan to Hong Kong. By renting a private car, you will save a significant amount of time and be able to follow your schedule with any time being wasted.




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